Renata Lipowiecka




My name is Renata and I have been in beauty treatments for over 20 years. It’s my great passion and I learn new skills every day. 

I have truly learnt how positively self-confidence can have an impact on someone’s life, and my work is a daily commitment to helping all customers to feel great in their own skin, regardless of their gender.

What I offer


About me

My name is Renata Lipowicka and I am a beautician with over 20 years of experience in the profession, which has beome my
passion since I started.

At work, I provide the customers comfort, cosmetic care – including setting full home care on request. The wide range of treatments that I offer in the office support my actions in a tailor-made to the individual needs of the client.

In 2015, I matured to the decision to extend the service to whole-body massages. I chose the unique massage that is PeLoHa (Peace, Love, Harmony), because it is performed from the level of love to another person, and this can not be measured with a watch.


I’m just after six Mesotherapy takeovers with Renata and my complexion has changed by 180 degrees. She feels confident even without makeup. Permanent eyebrow makeup I did a year ago, looks great, it was a great decision. Professional service and I have above all confidence in Renata, it is a huge plus of her treatments, I recommend to everyone. Thank you!

Karolina Szeląg

PeLoHa’s massage gave me an unearthly feeling…a state of bliss and relaxation I never felt!

Magdalena Rokicińska

The PeLoHa massage felt like heaven until the tears went… God, how could I not do this 
to myself before ?!?!
 I recommend it to everyone!

Dorota Godhlewska

I think Renata is a great professional. Experience, confident hand, vision and good quality equipment,
 gives a guarantee of wellperformed treatments.
Renata definitely can bring out the beauty and 
potential that we have.

Paulina Zawadzka